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❓ Checking Verification Status

❓ Checking Verification Status

What information can you query from Cover?

You can query all the information in Cover verification, that includes:

  • WASM hash
  • Canister ID
  • Link to the repository
  • Build information

Querying Cover's Registry for a Canister ID

To check a canister's verification status in Cover, you have to query the Cover canister, which you can do so for example through the DFX CLI.

  • You can either call it directly:
dfx canister --network ic call iftvq-niaaa-aaaai-qasga-cai getVerificationByCanisterId '(principal"rrkah-fqaaa-aaaaa-aaaaq-cai")'

and compare the verification wasm hash with the one on IC network

dfx canister --network ic info CANISTER_ID